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Carlos, Hitler's Banker and Greek Terrorism

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One significant issue which besides the vital information it contains, remains still hidden, was re-opened  by the notorious Carlos the "Jackal" from his prison cell in France. As it was written by the international press (Carlos the Jackal Asks Obama for Help) the "Jackal", send a letter to the US President Barak Obama last March asking to find out what happened to his comrade Bruno Breguet who mysteriously disappeared in 1995 somewhere in Western Greece!

Carlos begins his letter as follows: "Mr. President, I congratulate you for your decision to shutdown CIA's prisons. My comrade Bruno Breguet, Swiss subject, was kidnapped from a ferryboat which was coming from Italy to Greece, during a special operation of NATO at November 11 of 1995 and since then he has disappeared leaving no traces at all". Further, after insisting that Breguet was kidnapped by naval forces of NATO and CIA agents, he kindly asks for President Obama's mediation and ends the letter with the phrase: " As your grandfather would also say "Allahu Akbar, God is Great"!!!

Bruno Breguet, a close partner of Carlos, with the pseudonym, "Luka", had continuously taken over very important missions for Carlos' organization "Separat". He was also a member of the "Prima Linea" organization. In 1992 he bought a house at Egoumenitsa (Greece) and used to spend long periods of time there. In the same area was also staying, one of the persons which were accused for Aldo Moro's assassination by the "Brigade Rose" terrorist organization, Enrico Bianco. The last was arrested in 1997, after the continuous pressure imposed by the American secret services. 

As I already mentioned, Breguet was disappeared under mysterious circumstances at the end of 1995, while he was in a ship returning from Italy. According to his brother, he has been disappeared since then and no one knows whether he has been murdered or kidnapped. In January 1996, it was stated by the Greek Ministry of Public Order that there is no information at all, as for where Breguet is and that none Greek authority has been involved with the issue.

It is logical of course for Carlos, years after, to search for his comrade, on the occasion of President Obama's government to shut down the Guantanamo Bay prison.  It is curious though, that his letter coincides with the resuscitation of terrorism in      Greece and Washington's pressure to fight against it.

The purpose of this paper is to shed light at the largely unknown action of Carlos and Breguet in Greece, together with the international connections of the Greek terrorism.

Hitler's banker

François Genoud was a fanatic Nazi and dedicated his life helping Hitler's collaborators who escaped the Nuremberg trial and fled to Latin America and the Middle East. He also considered the Arab terrorists as the natural successors of anti-Semitism. For six decades he was "acting behind-the-scenes", planning international intrigues. Among other, he was accused of being the mastermind of an aeroplane's hijack and the economical supporter of Adolf Eichmann, Klaus Barbie and Carlos.

His father was a rich industrialist from Lausanne. In 1930s he sent him to Berlin in order to be trained to the German language and "discipline". Of course the most appropriate teacher for the undisciplined of the times was a guy with a strange moustache and great plans. His name was Adolph Hitler. The young François met Adolph in a hotel at Bad Godesberg, near Bonn and since then his life changed completely. Sixty years after that meeting, his opinions had not changed at all, as he stated at a British newspaper: "He was and will always be my hero. Hitler was a great leader and if he had won the war, the world would be better today".

In 1955, Genoud begins to use his contacts in order to finance the Arab nationalism, against Israel. Among other he founds an "import-export" company which was used as a curtain for anti-Semitic propaganda, but also for sending weapons to Ben Bella's FLN (National Liberation Front for Algeria). This was the beginning of one more paradox of history, a fact which will affect the future of terrorism decisively.

In Ben Bella's surroundings he meets and begins to cooperate with the supposed passionately enemies of Nazism, Pablo's Trochkists, and also with the leftist activists of the "Courriel Network".

The road though, which led from Ben Bella's Algerian revolutionaries to Libya's, Egypt's and Syria's secret services, was not a long one. It was just two steps away, which Genoud did quickly and managed to connect with the armed extremist organizations which dominated the international terrorism of 1970s. Among other, in 1972 Genoud was accused of organising the hijack that was made by Palestinian terrorists at one of Lufthansa's 747 Boeings with 188 passengers in it. It was published in newspapers that Genoud himself had sent a letter to Lufthansa demanding 5.000.000$ for ransom, and was signed by an "organization for the victims of the Zionistic occupation".

In May 30 of 1996, after having a nice meal with some friends at his favourite restaurant at Pilly, near Loozane lake, Genoud returned to his house together with his company. When they arrived at the house, one of the table's companions made a    lethal, in the full sense, drink: "A colourless and odourless poison, dissolved in a glass of water which send him to another world." His suicide though was "announced", one year before, when he had become a member of a suicide organization, due to the psychological problems that his wife's death caused to him.

It has been affirmed from many sides that François Genoud maintained close contacts of major importance with Yasser Arafat's "Al-Fatah" and George Habas' PFLP "Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine". Which was their common target?

Even Carlos never concealed his collaboration with the Swiss Nazi. In one of his interviews, among other, he stated the following: "I loved François Genoud a lot... I met him through Bruno. The two of them had a very close relation. I still continue to exchange cards with his two daughters, Fransouaz and Martin..."

It is obvious that Bruno is Bruno Breguet, Carlos' captain, a leading member of "Prima Linea" (First Line) and ELA's mentor from the 80s till his "strange" disappearance from Egoumenitsa in November of 1995.

Carlos, Breguet and the Nazis

As I already mentioned, Breguet had disappear under mysterious circumstances in 1995, while he was in a ship, returning from Italy to Greece. His brother Ernesto claims that he was kidnapped by people who worked for the secret services. Further, he claims that he had spoken to him by phone, three days before his journey to Greece and told him: "If I do not communicate with you within three-four days, search for me". 

Among those who helped Ernesto Breguet was also François Genoud. When he was asked about that issue in one of his last interviews before dying, he said the following: "I am in contact with his brother Ernesto. "We wonder ourselves, if he was kidnapped either by the French or the Greek authorities, because they were the ones that had an interest to kidnap him. If not, who else could possibly kidnap him?"

Carlos' links with the Greek terrorist organization ELA (Revolutionary People's Struggle), were made by Bruno Breguet and Johannes Weinrich. According to the well-known investigator-journalist Fritz Schmaldienst, who investigated Stasis' files for a long period of time, Carlos was a member of ELA. In his book "Weinrich Complize Carlos", he gives a detailed description of Carlos' action in Greece. In one of his interviews he stated the following:

"It is certain that ELA was related with Carlos' and Weinrich's group. This can be proved from Stasi's files and the note with the names of four Greeks who collaborated with Weinrich in Athens in 1984, which of course we have seen. Besides, it is something that has been admitted by Weinrich too, saying that he knows only their nicknames. I do not believe that there was a direct contact of Stasi with ELA. The contacts were made probably through Carlos and Weinrich, mostly by Weinrich. The contact though existed, it is a fact.

ELA's members were not only Greeks, but Europeans too. One of them was Bruno Breguet, who lived in Greece, at Heperus' mountains and had collaborated closely with it. He was a member of Carlos' group. It is quite possible that Stasi was giving "orders" to ELA, but for sure was not "using" ELA. For instance, the names of the four Greeks who participated at the assault of the Saud Arab ambassador were kept in its files, not only because its agents were keeping a detailed archive, but also in order to know them, spy on them, control them and use them so they could collect information. It is well-known that Stasi had spies everywhere. One of them was Johannes Weinrich, who was one of its best informers. He had a wide range of contacts with people from Libya, Lebanon, Syria, even from Iran. Stasi did not always believe him, so it preferred to have its own people on the spot. The same was happening to Greece too. I am not implying that the terrorist attacks were organised by Stasi, but they were known by it and did nothing to stop them. Stasi and by extension the state of ex East Germany had very important economic interests in Greece. These interests had to be protected."

In 1970 Breguet, gets arrested in Israel by Mossad as a member of the "People's Front" for carrying illegal explosives and he is convicted to 15 years in prison. He was the first European, imprisoned for supporting the Palestinian activities and remained in jail for seven years. After his release from jail, he becomes a member of Carlos' "Organisation of International Revolutionaries", being recommended by the Palestinians. He "uses" Switzerland as his "headquarters" and visits many European countries via it. He is considered as being a member of the "Prima Linea" terrorist organization which acted mainly from 1976 to 1980 at the perimeter of the "Brigade Rose" and left behind it 16 dead people, 23 injured and several distractions.

Among others Olivier and Berta De Marcellus were also members of "Prima Linea" and were arrested after Carlos' arrest in Sudan in the autumn of 1994. They were accused of being members of a terrorist organization and held responsible for a series of bombing attacks. They admitted their relations with Carlos, but they were never put on trial, because the prosecutor Carla Del Ponte did not possess enough evidence. Berta De Marcellus was the one who made Carlos' contact with ELA, but the counsellors for the defence of the defendants at ELA's trial, did not allow the reading of the testimony that she had given to the Swiss authorities. The result is that a very important feature of the Greek terrorism's action remains unknown.


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    "Το Ανατολικο-γερμανικό κράτος είχε συμφέροντα στην Ελλάδα και αυτά επρεπε να προστατευθούν..."
    Θυμάστε κανενα ονομα εταιρείας ? RFT μήπως? ΙΝΤΕGRA ?λέω εγώ τώρα...

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    α) Ποιες είναι οι RFT και η INTEGRA ;
    β) Καμία σχέση με καναλάρχη που έχει κόμμα της αριστεράς να είναι μέτοχος στο κανάλι του ;

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    "Berta De Marcellus" is a mixup of two names (two persons). The swiss Olivier de Marcellus and Marina Berta never were members of the italian Prima Linea (not even 'suspected of' by the authorities). The same for Bruno Breguet "leading member"!!. What are your sources?

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    Αλήθεια ,εκείνα τα δημοσιεύματα του Reporter στο ΑΝΤΙ για τη Siemens και τon ..Rocco, τα θυμάται κανεις? Λέω,αν...


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